Our products- services and activities are subdivided into: Advanced Technologies | Commercial | Gov | Civil | Press- Journalism

What we do, we do with Passion. - Equality is our Pricipal. - Innovation Leadership is our Management Style. - We upgrade the Life. 

Key Markets of WDeXo WAIDHOFER - DiNelly eXoCompany:

  • Air- Land- Sea- Craft
  • Aerospace
  • Defense, Law Enforcement
  • Aerial Sensing
  • Public Services, Gov- Citizen Services
  • Marketing & Campaign Management
  • Lifestyle Services
  • Software, AI - Systems 
  • Industry Services
  • Think-Tank 

WAIDHOFER -  DiNelly eXocompany is a public services expert that specialises in the delivery of essential public & citizen services across the world, across national, state and local government. 

To get in contact with us, use our ticketsystem- / forms. We work according to the GDPR.

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Here are some of our best references - only international projects without Military- Gov- NDA projects

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