Waidhofer | DiNelly Brand- IP Intellectual Property Management to secure the value of the WDeXo Waidhofer DiNelly eXoCompany

The WDeXo Waidhofer DiNelly eXoCompany

International Brand - Disruptive Technologies 

We are among a leading company of OPV Rotorcrafts, FlyingTaxi, STOL, VTOL, WIG, LTA aircrafts &

Disruptive Rechnologies.

WDeXo Waidhofer DiNelly eXoCompany is a diveristy risk company operating worldwide.

What actually makes a company valuable?

The "DNA" of a corporation - all the patents, brands, designs, copyrights, and domains that shape its external image and guarantee technical progress. Protecting this DNA is therefore one of the most important tasks for companies. The IP, the Intelectual Properties. 

We ensure that our innovations become property rights for our products. Together with the specialist departments, we check whether third-party property rights prevent us from carrying out our projects. If necessary, we seek to license third-party property rights and - where appropriate - we also grant licenses. We check the offers of external patent holders for suitability for the purposes of our Group. We create the IP legal framework for cooperations with suppliers or other OEMs. To put it briefly: We pave the way to freedom of action and exclusivity.

To protect our brands, patents, domains and designs, we take care of IP rights - from the application for inventions to the granting or registration. Respect for third-party rights is a prerequisite for the active marketing of the WAIDHOFER-ORGANISATION products and services in the global production and sales network.

All IP - Intellectual Properties are in the property of WAIDHOFER.

The "W" - Logo of WAIDHOFER

Since the year 2011 this Logo, the "W" stands for the Brand WAIDHOFER - DiNelly.

The WAIDHOFER Artificial Horizon at the Point. 

What we do to protect the DNA of the company, the Market Value of the WAIDHOFER-ORGANISATION.

Our Copyrights, Intellectual Properties, Brands, Trademarks, Domains,  and Designs have contributed to a solid rising market value for over 20 years.

Without the protection and management of our copyrights, brands and designs, WAIDHOFER would not be as successful as we are today. With this in mind, we want to protect and manage our intellectual property used in the Group and the innovations with which we inspire customers around the globe particularly well.

Global Major Brands:

  • DiNelly
  • WDeXo
  • eXoCompany
  • eXoGyro
  • eXoRotorcraft
  • Raecon
  • eXoZeppelin
  • Gwords
  • Air Infinity
  • HeLeXo
  • eXoWater

Global Major Brands:

  • Investigativ24
  • eXoDrone
  • SuperGyro
  • eXoCopter
  • eXoPort
  • eXoOPV
  • eXoGlass
  • V971
  • eXoStore
  • eXoTaxi

The DNA:

  • Brands
  • Designs
  • Domains
  • Trademarks
  • Patents
  • IP Intellectual Properties
  • Logos
  • Copyrights

What we do:

  • Secure IP Portfolio
  • Prevent others
  • Enforce legal action
  • Defend our IP Portfolio
  • Consult licences
  • Market licenses
  • We buy rights
  • actions for damages


  • > 3.500 

Our Major Brands are known:

  • > 154 countries. 

Market Value:

  • > € 850 Mio. 

Major Shareholder:

  • Waidhofer

Our Major Brands: WAIDHOFER & DiNelly are known in more than 187 Countries Worldwide. 

Major Brands:

  • DiNelly

Known: in > 187 Countries

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