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  • W|D|eXo® is a US-based manufacturer of marine, aerospace, and information technology equipment primarily with headquater in New York.
  • Another area is cyber- IT- robotics in conjuction with global advertising and internet agencies.
  • Luxus- lifestyle-, tourism and journalism are also business areas.
  • The founder are distinguished and honorable arts and sports collector & patron.

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mobility of the 21st century

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We´re a versatile product company | We are Technology | One step ahead | We`re hazard management service & soltution partner | Today we create the future

wdexo - We´re aviation pioneer of the 21st century

with outstanding innovations, affinity to art, design

and environmental protection in focus.

  • We make safety, technology and aviation
  • for pros and govs affordable around the globe.


  • Gov support is also our daily business
  • as like hazard management on top
  • with useability as benchmark.


  • As global leader in gyrocopter-, high speed helicopter, drone, drone port, flying taxi and ohter technologies.
  • we work with passion, inTime, affordable, precisely
  • with a progressive, dynamic and visionary horizon.

wdexo®. We´re performing the future.

(CEO & Product Owner Richard Waidhofer)

  • Art & Culture
  • Aeronautics
  • Land
  • Sea
  • MilSystems
  • Defense
  • Powertrain
  • Components
  • Disaster Protection
  • GovSystems
  • Services
  • Robotics
  • Media|Press|PR
  • Urban mobility


  • Human Performance
  • Tourism
  • Real Estate
  • Composite
  • Consulting
  • Prototyping
  • Lifestyle & Luxury
  • Informatics
  • Rental
  • Design Buero
  • Distribution
  • Agriculture
  • Energy
  • Cybertechnology


The Business areas of wdexo are based on our  business licenses:

  • Providing services in agriculture and horticulture
  • Providing services in forestry and hunting
  • Treatment of wood and wood Manufacture of components
  • Production of treatment of simple metal products
  • Production of electrical equipment and electrical components
  • Manufacture of motor vehicles, machinery, vehicles, parts and accessories for motor vehicles and other means of transport
  • Maintenance of motor vehicles without affecting the automotive parts
  • Promoactivity in trade, services, manufacturing
  • Purchase of goods for sale to end consumers (retail) or other companies (wholesale)
  • The purchase, sale or transfer of weapons and ammunition
  • Publishing print production and bookbinding
  • Borrowing, hiring and holding weapons and ammunition
  • Services related to film, video, sound recordings
  • Finance leasing
  • Pawn
  • Leasing in connection with the provision of non-essential services related to rental
  • Management and maintenance of residential and office space in the over-the-counter market
  • Business, organization and economic consultants
  • Development, design, pricing-making, engineering and design of electrical equipment
  • informative test, measurements, analysis and control
  • Research and development in the natural sciences, engineering, social sciences and humanities
  • advertising and marketing services, market research and public opinion
  • Design activities
  • general Services
  • To prevent specialists in major industrial accidents
  • Conducting risk assessments, developing and updating the safety report and the emergency plan, and providing consulting and advice in specific areas of preventing major industrial accidents
  • Leasing of movables
  • Activities in the field of fire protection in the field of service, repair, inspection, fire extinguisher filling, fire / firefighting equipment
  • Training in the prevention of major industrial accidents
  • Manufacture of fertilizers and nitrogen compounds, pesticides and agrochemicals
  • Manufacture of chemicals, fibers, plastics, rubber and products from these materials
  • The sale of air transport services
  • Flight school for ultralight aircraft

Our growth:

(Company founding or take over, excl. global branches):


  • 1999  Waidhofer Aviation Engineering & Consulting
  • 1999  Waidhofer Personal Training & Sports
  • 2000 WMM ( Waidhofer Marketing & More) 
  • 2000 Air Infinity
  • 2004 Austrian Airship
  • 2005 Skycruiser Group (Merger Air Infinity & Austrian Airship)
  • 2006 GIJ|W (Global investigative journalism | Waidhofer)
  • 2009 Raecon
  • 2010 Gwords 
  • 2012 Smart Invest Holding (Merger Raceon & Gwords)
  • 2012 DiNelly Aerosystems (Daughter of Smart Invest)
  • 2013 DiNelly Distribution (Daughter of Smart Invest)
  • 2012 MTT Messerschmitt (Daughter of Smart Invest)
  • 2012 Xenia (Daughter of Smart Invest Holding)
  • 2016 DiNelly Aircraft Inc. (Merger Smart Inverst Holding)
  • 2018 W|D||eXo (Take over & Merger DiNelly Inc. , WMM, Waidhofer Aviation Engineering, Waidhofer Sports, )

Former members of the management:

(current & running management excluded)


  • Geroge Spyrou † (Skycrusier Group)
  • Monika Griesbeck (Austrian Airship, Raecon, DiNelly, Gwords, Xenia, MTT Messerschmitt, Smart Invest)
  • Robert Hörmann (Austrian Airship)
  • Josef Stumböck (Raecon)
  • Hermann Künkler † (Raecon, DiNelly)
  • Jan Harlfinger † (DiNelly)
  • Jörn J. Follmer (DiNelly)
  • Artur Trendak (Xenia)
  • Pavel Naumenko (MTT Messerschmitt)
  • Volodymir Tsvil ( MTT Messerschmitt)

Former major shareholders:

(current, confidential & standard shareholders excluded)


  • Geroge Spyrou †
  • Airship Management Services
  • Skycruiser Group
  • Monika Griesbeck
  • Smart Invest Holding
  • Jan Harlfinger †
  • Jörn J. Follmer
  • Artur Trendak
  • MTT Messerschmitt
  • Sebastian Krümmel
  • PME Holding

Headquartered in Manhatten, New York City, United States, W|D|eXo is a global defense, aerospace, security, cybertechnology, technology company a bolt affinity to art & design. 


We are engaged in the research, design, development, manufacture, integration and sutainment advanced technology systems, products and services. 


W|D|eXo is a registered defense industry company with the necessary business licenses also for wepons and ammunition trading, sales and production. 



Our Mission


  • Performing the future, one step ahead
  • Make safety, mobility, technology affordable around the world thereyby the environmental protection in focus
  • Work with passion, inTime, precisely, progressive and dynamic with a visionary horizon above the 21th century



Our Values


  • Respect others
  • Equal employment opportunity
  • Perform with Excellence without corruption
  • Do What´s Right with transparency 



Our Visions | Our Ventures


  • HAPs | Stratellite
  • Energy and Power Systems
  • Autonomous Systems and Robotics
  • Cybertechnology- & Security
  • Supersonic Technology
  • Undersea Technologies
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Urban Mobility
  • Zero Emission Cities 
  • Advanced Materials and Industrie 5.0 
  • NextGen Communication
  • Space Technologies 
  • NextGen Sensors and Data processing
  • Cooperated workflow human vs robots


Sponsoring | Patrons


  • Sports & Athlete
  • Musician & Artists
  • Charity & Education

We are performing the future.

Science fiction is science fact.

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Perry DiClemente

Aircraft Design

Aviation engineer

Richard Waidhofer

Systems | Aeronautics

Aviation engineer

Yvonne Waidhofer

Head Legal & Controlling

IFRS Accountant CA

Richard Waidhofer

CEO | Product Owner

Aviation design engineer

†Herman Künkler

Aircraft Design | MilSystems

Aviation engineer

Peter Göllner

CSAS | Aerial Sensing

Geodesy engineer

Ihab Jalloul

Director Sales - UAE

IFRS Accountant

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Our international activities around the globe are organized in core business:

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