DiNelly-Harmonists: Pioneer. | AI (Artificial Intelligence) Music with Focus and combination of Classis Music | Music Reengineering.

AI & Human Artists | Focus: Successfully amazing Music | Reengineering the Sound with New Technologies to Highlight the Human Voice. 

DiNelly Harmonists: Professional Marketing & Managment meets Professional Artists. Result: Enthusiastic audience & Standing Ovations.  

Artists Passion combinend with Perfection and High Tech of Sound supported with performance Marketing to create Image, Success, Income.

One major Global Plattform: DiNelly-Harmonists | Provides Artists with flexibility against Human unpredictable factors. 

Unique Project | Location: Baden / Vienna | Artist: Thomas Nestler | Brand: Bass Bariton Baden | Producer: Richard Waidhofer

To get in contact with us, use our ticketsystem- / forms. We work according to the GDPR.

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