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Technology is our passion for your sucess.

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  • WDeXo® is a US-based manufacturer of marine, aerospace, and information technology equipment primarily with headquater in New York.
  • Another area is cyber- IT- robotics in conjuction with global advertising and internet agencies.
  • Luxus- lifestyle-, tourism and journalism are also business areas.
  • The founder are distinguished and honorable arts and sports collector & patron.

eXoDrone & HeLeXo - Flying Taxi

mobility of the 21st century

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We´re a versatile product company | We are Technology | One step ahead | We`re hazard management service & soltution partner | Today we create the future

We are performing the future.

Science fiction is science fact.


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Perry DiClemente

Aircraft Design

Aviation engineer

Richard Waidhofer

Systems | Aeronautics

Aviation engineer

Ihab Jalloul

Director Sales - UAE

IFRS Accountant

Yvonne Waidhofer

Head Legal & Controlling

IFRS Accountant CA

Peter Göllner

CSAS | Aerial Sensing

Geodesy engineer

†Herman Künkler

Aircraft Design | MilSystems

Aviation engineer

Richard Waidhofer

CEO | Product Owner

Aviation design engineer

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