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Focus: ex Army Estates, Tourism, Aviation,

 Marinas, Enrergy, Theme Parks, 

Project development consists of the sum of all investigations, business decisions, plans and other preparatory measures necessary or expedient to overbuild one or more properties or to prepare any other use.

This includes securing the construction and other uses in the economic sector. In the field of housing construction, the project development is often limited to the search for suitable land and their planning within the framework of the current building law.


Our focus in global REAL-ESTATE business is the development of Aviation, Energy, Theme Park, Marina, Tourism & ex Army Estates.       W|D|eXo REAL ESTATE

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Basic Procedures

Idea seeks capital and location


This variant comes z. B. in the construction of shopping centers, hardware stores, etc. to bear. As a rule, there is a mature project idea here, possibly in the form of franchising, and investors and suitable locations for these projects are sought.




Location is looking for idea and capital


Here, a new use as well as real estate financing is being sought for an existing property, for example, newly created industrial parks or land left by industrial companies.




Capital seeks idea and location


This is z. For example, in the case of real estate funds or insurance companies, which have extensive resources and want to invest these funds in suitable properties, the classic case.




Project Development


The process of project development is a complex process, but one can often distinguish between typical project phases. These are described in more detail below. Crucial to the success of the project is to keep the various risks, especially the cost risks, under control. The further a project progresses, the less impact it can have on costs (see chart).


Therefore, one will try to make an informed decision as early as possible on the project's feasibility (Feasibility Study). At the same time, however, the greatest uncertainties naturally exist at this early stage.

Feasibility Study

Feasibility Study


A project study, also feasibility study, is a term from the project management and refers to the review of the implementation of projects, especially when risks can not be assessed or accessibility is questioned. International standards include Project Manager (PrMr), Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) and IPMA Competence Baseline (ICB).


It is used to determine to what extent, by what means and in which time (etc.) a project can be realized. It also examines whether there are any contradictions between the project's objective and existing findings. A proof of concept may also be the aim of a project study.


If this feasibility study is positive, a project can be carried out and accepted. If the study turns out to be negative, the project will be rejected for inefficiency or modified in the beginning.


In many cases it is considered indispensable to define criteria and priorities of feasibility at the beginning of the investigations, since otherwise a weighting of advantages and disadvantages as well as the comparison of problems and solution approaches can no longer be realized.


The feasibility study is usually associated with a risk analysis, because usually project-endangering risks give rise to such a study, which can then serve as a basis for a subsequent risk management.


  • organizational implementation
  • economic feasibility (eg budget, financing)
  • technical feasibility
  • Resources and availability (eg human, machines, surfaces, material and time)
  • temporal implementation
  • legal implementation

Project Management

Success for Stakeholder


Project Management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities to meet project requirements.


The task of the project manager is to meet the stakeholders' expectations of the project as much as possible. The most commonly used method for gathering the expectations is the project environment analysis. A stakeholder is any person or organization whose interests are affected by the course or outcome of the project.


Project management as a success factor


Professional management is seen as a key success criterion of projects. In particular are


  • adequately define the project boundaries and project goals
  • Develop project plans and subject them to periodic controlling
  • To structure projects in a process-oriented way
  • to design the project organization and project culture project-specifically.
  • to develop a specific project culture and
  • to shape the project's relationship to the project context.


Project management makes a contribution to securing the project's success, but can not secure it alone, since it also includes other factors such. B. the corporate strategy, competitive situation, etc., which influence the project's success.



One key to success is the use of ERP (Enterprise-Resource-Planning) systems with integrated online collaboration software combined with a powerful advertising agency.

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North & South America:


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DiNelly®  Aircraft Inc. 

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Asia & Africa:


W|D|eXo® - Waidhofer® DiNelly® eXoCompany® Inc. 

Dubai Al Jadaf

P.O. Box 500607






W|D|eXo® - Waidhofer® DiNelly® eXoCompany Ltd.

Liaohe E Rd, Jinzhou Qu, Dalian Shi

Liaonig Sheng China 116600

P.R. China





e-Telegraph-Xo™ Inc. 

Dubai Media City

Building #2 - P.O. Box 500777








DiNelly® Aerosystems Ltd.

Trojan House Top Floor 34, Arcadia Avenue

N3 2JU London - UK


W|D|eXo - Waidhofer | DiNelly | eXoCompany - Field of Activities: 

Art & Culture:


  • Waidhofer Art Collection ™
  • DiNelly Harmonists ™
  • Concerts & Events
  • Music | Records | Motion
  • Music Productions





  • eXoGyro ®
  • eXoCopter ®
  • eXoDrone ®
  • eXoPlane®
  • eXoVehicle-D™ Concept
  • UG1- Lilly ™
  • UAV | UAS | RPAS
  • LTA | Stratelite
  • eXoPort ®
  • Aircrafts
  • MedEvac
  • Mil Aircrafts
  • Versatile Aircrafts
  • STOL | VTOL Aircraft
  • eFlight Systems
  • Hypersonic Aircrafts





  • Pro & Mil ATVs
  • Governmental eCrafts
  • electric Vehicle
  • eDrive Technologie





  • Houseboat | eHoueboat-Xo ™
  • Governmental Vessel
  • Special Vessel
  • eDrive Systems





  • eXoMesh ®
  • Fuel Cell
  • Energy | Power Generator
  • Vehicles | Prototyping




  • Think Tank




  • Waterjet
  • Turboprop
  • Rotary Engine
  • Waidhofer Tauros
  • eDrive | Hybried
  • Vessel Powertrain
  • Aircraft Engines
  • Special Vehicle Engines



  • eXoCore ™
  • eXoGlass ®



Disaster Protection


  • Flooding
  • Fire Fighter
  • eXoWater ®
  • eXoCommander ™
  • Aerial Fire Fighting
  • Gov Vessel




  • Air Space Monitoring
  • Anti Drone Jammer
  • Energy | Power Generator
  • Nuclear Power Energy




  • Insurance
  • Flight Training Center
  • Special Vessel



Robotics | RobotiX


  • Bionic
  • MilRobots
  • Disaster Support
  • eXoRobot ™
  • Industry robotic- production



Media | Press | PR


  • #XWD™ - eXpress Web Design
  • e-Telegraph-Xo ™
  • #XMA™ - eXo Marketing Agency
  • PR
  • Pretotyping



Human Performance


  • Competitive Sport
  • Special Operations
  • Pilots 
  • Mission Operator
  • eXoSport™





  • Zeppelin
  • eTourism Marketing



Real Estate


  • Property development
  • Aerodromes
  • Power Supply 



  • Engineering
  • HPPE | CFK | GFK
  • FEM 
  • Autoclav | PrePreg




  • Management
  • Aircraft Operation
  • Aircraft Certification
  • Vessel Certification
  • Law & Order
  • Technology 
  • Future Technologies 
  • Armed Forces





  • Mil | Air | Land | Sea



Lifestyle & Luxury


  • Uhudler
  • Performance Cars
  • Luxury Cars
  • Clothing
  • Consulting
  • Hemp beer




  • ERP | CRM | VRM
  • eXoERP ™
  • Production 4.0
  • eXoCloud ™
  • CMS | CRM 





  • Aircraft
  • Watercraft
  • MilSystems
  • GovSystems



Design Buero


  • Aircraft Design
  • Watecraft Design
  • Landcraft Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Milsystems Design





  • Milk Powder




  • Aerial Precision Farming

Perry DiClemente

Aircraft Design

Aviation engineer

Richard Waidhofer

Systems | Aeronautics

Aviation engineer

Ihab Jalloul

Director Sales - UAE

IFRS Accountant

Yvonne Waidhofer

Head Legal & Controlling

IFRS Accountant CA

Peter Göllner

CSAS | Aerial Sensing

Geodesy engineer

†Herman Künkler

Aircraft Design | MilSystems

Aviation engineer


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