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+++ W|D|eXo presented at IDEX & NAVDEX 2019 UAE - Abu Dhabi - - - The Command & Control System eXoCommander-M (Military) and the Civil Crisis & Disaster Management System eXoCommander-KKE² +++


Chief Engineer: Richard Waidhofer

Aircraft- Seacraft- Engineering since 1999

We are an effective experimental design bureau of the 21st century, which do have a also a focus at the market and ROI. Therefore we use parallel as pioneer most modern instruments as like as pretotyping to bring best ROI for our projects.


Our relatively small effective organisation are not intended for the mass production of aircraft, rockets, or other vehicles or equipment which we design. However, we have the facilities and resources to construct prototypes. Designs accepted by the client were then assigned to factories for mass production.


We are working on design and prototyping of advanced technology, usually for military applications.



Our focus and professional competence are aircraft, landcraft, seacraft, urban mobility, robots and military applications as like as reverse engineering.



Richard Waidhofer

Aviation Design Engineer

CEO & Product Owner, W|D|eXo

If you are a professional in the

Standard Design Process -

Professional standard Design Process:


  • Definition the Mission
  • Performance Requirements and Sensitivity
  • Handling Requirements (Stability and Control)
  • Ease of Manufacturing
  • Cetifiability
  • Features and Upgradeability (Growth)
  • Aesthetics
  • Maintability
  • Lean Engineering and lean Manufacturing
  • Integrated Product Teams (IPT)
  • Fundamental Phases of the Product
  • Design Process
  • Development Programm Phase
  • Post-development Programs

In short, a regular pattern is a combination of geometrical, physical, or mathematical features that may or may not be random but "appears" either repetitous or regular through some characterisation. 

Therefore you need a unique 

Integrated Product Team (IPT)

An integrated product team is agroup of people with a wide range of skills who are responsible for the development of a product or some feature. The formation of IPTs are very common in the aviation industry, as the modern airplane is a compromise of a number of disciplines. To better understand hot IPTs work, consider the development of a pressurization system for an aircraft. An example IPT could consist of the follwoing members:


  1. A structural analyst, whose task is to determine pressurization stressed in the airframe and suggest airframe modifications if necessary. 
  2. A performance analyst, whose responsibility is the evaluation of the benefits of the higher cruise altitude and airspeed the pressurization will permit. 
  3. A power plant expert, who solves engine-side problems, such as those assoicated with bleeed air, heat echangers, and liaison duties between the engine and airframe manufacturers. 
  4. An interior expert, who evaluates the impact of the pressurization systems on the interior decoration, such as those that stem form the requirement of sealing and condensation. 
  5. An electrical expert, who evalutes the electrical work required to allow the pilot to operate the pressurization system
  6. A systems expert, to work on the pressurization system ducting layout, interface issues, with heat exchangers, cabin pressure relief valves, cabin sealing, and so on. 


Such a group would meet, perhaps once a week, to discuss issues and come up with resolutions, often with the inclusion of representatives of the manufacturers of the various systems.



If you have done all this successfully, you are ready to become a successful manufacturer in a leadership position.


Richard Waidhofer

CEO & Product Owner

W|D|eXo - OEM

You are able to go One Step Ahead:

as Experimental Design Bureau,

The difference between a trial- and error amteur and professionellen experimental design bureaus is the professional know how and experience about the standard design process, finance structures and industrial reproduction with the market and feasability in focus.


As example, 99% of ultralight aircraft which are built are not designed and engineered by experimental design bureaus, therefore mostly of them goes in few years incolvency.


It is essential to have internal structures created as like as available technology, tools, and software for this purpose.


We are professionals for:


  • CAD | CFD | FEM | CAM
  • Industry 4.0 | Production Planning
  • Robotics
  • Research & Development
  • International Cerfification processes
  • Composite engineering
  • Moulding | Rapid Prototyping
  • Materials | New Materials | Analysis
  • Simulations | Visualisation
  • Reverse Engineering
  • 3D Scanning 
  • Powerplants | Props- Rotorsystems
  • Aerodynamic | Hydrodynamic
  • Autonomous Systems
  • Armored Vehicles 
  • System Integration 
  • Sensing Systems
  • Weapon Systems
  • Export Regulatories
  • Mission Operations
  • Trends, Benchmarks, Standards
  • Pretotyping

W|D|eXo - Bulletin Board:

We´re a versatile product company | We are Technology | One step ahead | We`re hazard management service & soltution partner | Today we create the future

We are performing the future.

Science fiction is science fact.




North & South America:


W|D|eXo® - Waidhofer DiNelly eXoCompany Inc. 

302A W. 12th St. #308

10014 New York






DiNelly®  Aircraft Inc. 

302A W. 12th St. #308

10014 New York








W|D|eXo® - Waidhofer | DiNelly | eXocompany sro. 

Kopcianska 10

85101 Bratislava






#X|M|A™ - eXoMarketing Waidhofer DiNelly sro.

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DiNelly®  Aircraft sro. 

Kopcianska 10

85101 Bratislava






e-Telegraph-Xo ™


2500 Baden






DiNelly® Harmonists ™


2500 Baden 






Asia & Africa:


W|D|eXo® - Waidhofer® DiNelly® eXoCompany® Inc. 

Dubai Al Jadaf

P.O. Box 500607






W|D|eXo® - Waidhofer® DiNelly® eXoCompany Ltd.

Liaohe E Rd, Jinzhou Qu, Dalian Shi

Liaonig Sheng China 116600

P.R. China





e-Telegraph-Xo™ Inc. 

Dubai Media City

Building #2 - P.O. Box 500777








DiNelly® Aerosystems Ltd.

Trojan House Top Floor 34, Arcadia Avenue

N3 2JU London - UK


W|D|eXo - Waidhofer | DiNelly | eXoCompany - Field of Activities: 

Art & Culture:


  • Waidhofer Art Collection ™
  • DiNelly Harmonists ™
  • Concerts & Events
  • Music | Records | Motion
  • Music Productions





  • eXoGyro ®
  • eXoCopter ®
  • eXoDrone ®
  • eXoPlane®
  • eXoVehicle-D™ Concept
  • UG1- Lilly ™
  • UAV | UAS | RPAS
  • LTA | Stratelite
  • eXoPort ®
  • Aircrafts
  • MedEvac
  • Mil Aircrafts
  • Versatile Aircrafts
  • STOL | VTOL Aircraft
  • eFlight Systems
  • Hypersonic Aircrafts





  • Pro & Mil ATVs
  • Governmental eCrafts
  • electric Vehicle
  • eDrive Technologie





  • Houseboat | eHoueboat-Xo ™
  • Governmental Vessel
  • Special Vessel
  • eDrive Systems





  • eXoMesh ®
  • Fuel Cell
  • Energy | Power Generator
  • Vehicles | Prototyping




  • Think Tank




  • Waterjet
  • Turboprop
  • Rotary Engine
  • Waidhofer Tauros
  • eDrive | Hybried
  • Vessel Powertrain
  • Aircraft Engines
  • Special Vehicle Engines



  • eXoCore ™
  • eXoGlass ®



Disaster Protection


  • Flooding
  • Fire Fighter
  • eXoWater ®
  • eXoCommander ™
  • Aerial Fire Fighting
  • Gov Vessel




  • Air Space Monitoring
  • Anti Drone Jammer
  • Energy | Power Generator
  • Nuclear Power Energy




  • Insurance
  • Flight Training Center
  • Special Vessel



Robotics | RobotiX


  • Bionic
  • MilRobots
  • Disaster Support
  • eXoRobot ™
  • Industry robotic- production



Media | Press | PR


  • #XWD™ - eXpress Web Design
  • e-Telegraph-Xo ™
  • #XMA™ - eXo Marketing Agency
  • PR
  • Pretotyping



Human Performance


  • Competitive Sport
  • Special Operations
  • Pilots 
  • Mission Operator
  • eXoSport™





  • Zeppelin
  • eTourism Marketing



Real Estate


  • Property development
  • Aerodromes
  • Power Supply 



  • Engineering
  • HPPE | CFK | GFK
  • FEM 
  • Autoclav | PrePreg




  • Management
  • Aircraft Operation
  • Aircraft Certification
  • Vessel Certification
  • Law & Order
  • Technology 
  • Future Technologies 
  • Armed Forces





  • Mil | Air | Land | Sea



Lifestyle & Luxury


  • Uhudler
  • Performance Cars
  • Luxury Cars
  • Clothing
  • Consulting
  • Hemp beer




  • ERP | CRM | VRM
  • eXoERP ™
  • Production 4.0
  • eXoCloud ™
  • CMS | CRM 





  • Aircraft
  • Watercraft
  • MilSystems
  • GovSystems



Design Buero


  • Aircraft Design
  • Watecraft Design
  • Landcraft Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Milsystems Design





  • Milk Powder




  • Aerial Precision Farming

Perry DiClemente

Aircraft Design

Aviation engineer

Richard Waidhofer

Systems | Aeronautics

Aviation engineer

Ihab Jalloul

Director Sales - UAE

IFRS Accountant

Yvonne Waidhofer

Head Legal & Controlling

IFRS Accountant CA

Peter Göllner

CSAS | Aerial Sensing

Geodesy engineer

†Herman Künkler

Aircraft Design | MilSystems

Aviation engineer


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Richard Waidhofer

CEO | Product Owner

Aviation design engineer

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