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+++ W|D|eXo presented at IDEX & NAVDEX 2019 UAE - Abu Dhabi - - - The Command & Control System eXoCommander-M (Military) and the Civil Crisis & Disaster Management System eXoCommander-KKE² +++

The eXoCommander-M™

Command and Control System & Tactical Communication

 Software of the 21st Century. 

Tactical data communication is often difficult!

Quick transmission of commands and messages, support in the battle management and a common situation picture. These are just a few of the benefits of effective data communication.


However, data communication is characterized by low bandwidth tactical radios and dropped calls. Traditional software solutions are usually far too complex and not efficient enough to be used operationally.


A fast and easy way to add effective data transfer to your tactical communications is to deploy the eXo-Commander-M, a modern, off-the-shelf communications software that makes data communication extremely simple and highly efficient.

Command & Control Software

Strategic, Operational & Tactical

The range of tasks of an army requires that the army must cover all forms of deployment, from the support of the civilian authorities to the national defense in the partial armed forces framework.


Networked operation management is a prerequisite for covering this entire bandwidth.


It is based on a solid information and communication structure with the aim to create leadership superiority and to be more effective on the basis of current situational pictures.


Today, an army often lacks this ability to plan complex operations across all areas in which a military effect is intended (information space, electromagnetic spectrum, airspace, and ground), and to quickly make the right decisions






Command and Control Software designed for three levels: strategic, operational & tactical



  • In accordance with standards 
  • Administration according to roles and users
  • Planning and monitoring of multiple operations
  • Capable of synchronizing the situational awareness
  • Geolocation
  • Vehicle Sensors integration
  • Incoporation Information of vehicle and aircraft sensors
  • NATO NFFI Protocol
  • Surveillance and reconnaissance vehicles through suppling high performance sensors
  • Work statically and on the move of the battlefield
  • Incorporates fie control system 
  • Communication over any network
  • Synchronises situational awareness

Right decisions at the right moment - through informations

Interactive Communication start one side at the decision makers and commanders due to Situations and informations.


Today to fulfill the real as like as cyber battlefield mission efficient without lost of soldiers or equipment, the whole control, tactical and strategic process had to be supervised by the best know how wherever they are, supported by the most modern technologies like Drones, Unmanned aerial systems , Roboter, or Real Time Information.


Comprehenshive Know How of the System: 


  • Organization structure
  • System Configuration
  • Testing the System
  • System Management
  • Service of Hardware & Software
  • System Deployment and Operation
  • Field service staff
  • Configuration and Access Management
  • Customer Service, Process control, monitoring
  • Training the Trainer, Real Time Support



Real-Time Interactive Communication between: 


  • Government
  • Joint / National Headquater
  • NATO
  • NGO
  • Main Operation Base
  • Coalition Partners
  • Forward Operating Base
  • Air Force
  • Navy
  • Forward Command Post
  • Operation Units
  • Dismounted Commander
  • Dismounted Specialists
  • MedEvac | CASEVAC

Modern Command Control Systems safe costs

Modern Command & Control Systems support the decision makers and commanders in their leadership tasks, which leads directly to the reduction of losses in people, equipment and resources.


Even in logistics, replenishment, medical services, as well as in the use of resources, the extent can be decided by using Command & Control systems in real-time. Ultimately, the decision-makers and commanders in real-time get a picture of the situation and not from the press.


One key Part Solution is to integrate due to special design the vehicles cost efficiency direct into the command and control system.


Mr. Richard Waidhofer Chief designer of W|D|eXo started 2010 the secret project "eXo-Products" around to set up a new generation of multi mission vehicles. The secret Project vehicle Family was based on the new develeoped "eXo-Vehicle" concept. In all of this Vehicles are the central Dashboard developed for the integration of a modern command and control software system. Also the whole vehicle is designed with diffrend sensors as like as CAN Bus, special sensor system and equipment integration to integrate the whole vehicle into the central command and control system.


The eXoVehicle product family, with integrated eXoCommander-M, is especially designed therefore. - Lowest purchase costs as like as lowest operation costs are the unique result.

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Disaster Protection


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Perry DiClemente

Aircraft Design

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Systems | Aeronautics

Aviation engineer

Ihab Jalloul

Director Sales - UAE

IFRS Accountant

Yvonne Waidhofer

Head Legal & Controlling

IFRS Accountant CA

Peter Göllner

CSAS | Aerial Sensing

Geodesy engineer

†Herman Künkler

Aircraft Design | MilSystems

Aviation engineer


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