Tizian de Spinoza


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Tizian de Spinoza

"Art has the task of keeping alive what is so important and necessary for us humans."


We give history to the future

Our Customers:

  • Board Members
  • Governments
  • Corporations
  • Universities
  • Millionairs
  • Museums
  • Politician
  • President
  • Military
  • Ruler

Spinoza´s painting Skills

  • Aquarell
  • Acrylic
  • Pencil
  • Oil
  • Architecture
  • Technology
  • Landscape
  • Portraits
  • Building
  • Religion
  • Animals
  • Palace
  • Towns
  • Act

Excellent and outstanding facts of the Spinoza´s Atelier

The Studio, Tizian the Spinoza, can produce and deliver original handpainted paintings in aquarell, acrylic, oil, pencil technique, according to the original, on-site, creative representation of the artist, almost unrivaled in their unique quality.

Even for newly built or renovated castles, palaces, government buildings or museums, the studio, Tizian de Spinoza, is able to quickly deliver the history or present in excellent quality in paintings or painting series.

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